Online Registration

For All Traditional Cobs

All Traditional Cob breed types can be registered online with TCR even if they have no recorded pedigree and even if they are already registered with another registry.

Registration Requirements

The Online Registration Application

The TCR online 'Register Cob' application requires: -

• The animal's microchip number.

• Two images of the animal.

• The animal's breed type to be selected from one of the following: -

• Irish Cob

• Gypsy Cob

• Mini Gypsy Cob

• Stepping Cob

Registration Criteria

To be eligible for TCR registration an animal must be at least three months of age and satisfy TCR that the animal shown in the two images uploaded to the TCR online 'Register Cob' application is in appearance (looks like) a Traditional Cob or Part Bred Traditional Cob.

Registration Exceptions

Where a Traditional Cob of any age lacks some feathering but is otherwise considered by TCR to be a good example of a Traditional Cob, then TCR would accept the animal for registration as a Traditional Cob. However, because it lacks some feathering (and therefore a significant Traditional Cob characteristic) it could only be awarded a Class 2 grading.