Registry Fees

Online Cob Registration€50Online Stallion Grading€40Online Prefix Registration€10Online Ownership TransfersFREEOnline Covering CertificatesFREEStallion Directory ListingFREEFor Sale ListingFREELaboratory Test RecordingFREEPedigree RecordingFREEOther Registry RecordingFREE
Online Cob Registration

The online cob registration fee covers the cost of processing the cob's registration application and producing the cob's registration book.

Before you register your cob online, make sure you have the following for your cob: -

Online Stallion Grading

The online stallion grading fee covers the cost of assessing the stallion's grading video and completing the stallion's grading sheet. If the stallion is graded live there is an additional fee of €25

Grading Leagues

Gold League

Silver League

Bronze League

NOTE: We only grade stallions that are registered with us.

Online Prefix Registration

The online prefix registration fee covers the cost of registering a prefix with us. Before a prefix is registered with us all reasonable efforts should be made to ensure that the prefix has not already been registered elsewhere by someone else.

Online Ownership Transfers

Although the recorded owner of a cob that is registered with us can transfer their cob online for free from their TCR account to a new owner's TCR account. If the new owner wants their name and address on the cob's registration book they will have to pay a fee online of €20

Online Covering Certificates

Our online covering certificates are free digital covering records that are generated by the recorded owners of stallions that are registered with us.

Note: We accept covering certificates as sufficient pedigree verification (DNA pedigree verification is optional).

Stallion Directory Listing

Any stallion registered with us can be listed on our stallion directory. Owners who list their stallions in our stallion directory are responsible for ensuring that their stallions are fertile, fit and suitable for breeding purposes.

For Sale Listing

Any cob registered with us can be listed for sale on our website for free.

Laboratory Test Recording

We record the following laboratory tests: -

Pedigree Recording

Not only do we record parents, grandparents, and great-grandparents that are registered with us, but we also record parents, grandparents, and great-grandparents that are registered with other registries.

Other Registry Recording

If cobs that are registered with us are also registered with other registries, we can record those other registries on the profiles of the cob's that are registered with us.


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