Laboratory Test Results

Recorded on our registration book

These days DNA profiling and testing for PSSM (Polysaccharide storage myopathy) and FIS (Foal immunodeficiency syndrome) have become routine for many breeders. Our online 'Register Cob' application, therefore, allows the owner (applicant) named on the application to record (provide) laboratory test results for DNA profiling and parentage verification as well as for PSSM and FIS and to verify the laboratory test results by uploading an image of the laboratory test results. When laboratory test results are provided on our online 'Register Cob' application (and therefore at the time of registration) they will be shown on the registration book (and therefore when the registration book is issued).

After Registration

If laboratory tests are carried out after registration (and therefore after the registration book is issued) then the recorded owner can hand-write the laboratory test results in their cob's registration book. However, at the time they are hand-writing the laboratory test results in their cob's registration book they should update their cob's details on their cob's account (and therefore on our database) so that the laboratory tests can be verified as recorded by us should anyone carry out a search of their cob on our website.