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Although 'cob' is a generic term used to describe a short-legged type of horse or pony with a compact powerful stocky build and large joints, the Traditional Cob is a distinctive breed of cob originally bred and kept by the nomadic Traveller / Gypsy community of Ireland and Britain (now referred to as Ireland and the UK) to pull their Traveller barrel top / Gypsy wagons.

What makes the Traditional Cob a distinctive breed of cob is its ample leg feathering and abundance of flowing mane and tail. However, because the Traditional Cob breed can be from medium to very heavy-boned, have varying frames and conformation, and can be any colour and size, there are different Traditional Cob breed types. The breed name Traditional Cob is also a generic term covering all Traditional Cob breed types and this fact is born out in an article written by Horse & Hound.

Although Gypsy Cob has been used as a generic term covering all Traditional Cob breed types, in recent years the Gypsy Cob has been defined as a distinctive Traditional Cob breed type.
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