Registration Book

For a Cob in the EU

Where a cob is in the EU the cob's TCR registration book can accompany it's legally required EU equine identification document (ID passport).

The reason TCR can issue a registration book (a book with a breed and pedigree record) for a cob that is in the EU is because although equine identification registration (having an ID passport for an equine) is an EU legal requirement, equine studbook registration (having an ID passport with a breed and pedigree record for an equine) is not (and could not be) an EU legal requirement and it is therefore the owner's choice where (or even if) they want the breed and pedigree of their cob recorded.

For a Cob not in EU

Where TCR issues a registration book for a cob that is not in the EU then because the cob's microchip number and two images of the cob would be in the TCR registration book, the TCR registration book could be used for official identification purposes unless the cob is in a country where equine identification is regulated in a manner that would exclude a TCR registration book from being used for official identification purposes.

Sample Book